Monday, 14 November 2011

Image lab 1- Pinhole Photography

Week one-
I was introduced to Justin Quinell- I like the way he experiments constantly to try and get the perfect image- He has an intention but never knows what the outcome is going to be from the moment he begins.

(slow light)                                     (black and white)

This was my first experience with pinhole photography and a very interesting skill too! I like how I have learnt that I don’t necessarily need a camera to take photographs.

(Above: 12 second exposure in shaded area. Below: 6-day exposure in my back garden)

I first tried short exposures (of around 6-12 seconds) in sunlight and shaded areas. I then loaded up a long duration camera by sealing up the lid of my beer can with gaffer tape to stop it from coming off or water getting inside (of course the moisture could get inside the pinhole though I feel this can make a more natural/unexpected look). 

Week two-
This week we were carrying on with our pinhole work. I had my processed images and over the week worked into them further. I then exhibited my work in the gallery. 
I set up the long duration camera on a concrete post in my garden facing up towards the sun. I was worried it wouldn’t come out very well as there wasn’t a lot of sunlight and it did rain.
When I finished the exposure I had to take the photo paper out and put it straight in the scanner- this will automatically process the image.

I feel the exposure worked very well for a first time try as you can see the image quite clearly. I have now set up a 2-month exposure to take it further and below are the results of that (you can see a little bit of smoke from me smoking out of my window for the past two months) 

Overall my experience with this was very fascinating. I am going to try to link this work into some of the other things I will be doing in the coming weeks.

More of Justin's work:

There are other photographers who work with pinhole cameras too!

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